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BTMM 4997
Spring 2010
Professor Renee Hobbs
A wiki created by students enrolled in the writing-intensive course Mass Media and Children at Temple University's School of Communications and Theater.

Student-Created Media for this Course:

Concerns about Media and Technology in the Lives of American Children and Youth
Summarizing a critical perspective on media and technology

Memoirs of Media in Childhood
Reflecting on our own childhood experiences with media and technology

Quick and Dirty Search of Databases

Exploring databases to discover the treasures within

Audio Reviews of Popular TV Shows for Preschoolers
Reviewing some of the TV shows created for very young children that air on major networks like Disney, Nick, Sprout and PBS

Creating New Media Productions for Children and Teens
Students use creativity to develop new ideas for TV shows, websites, videogames or other forms of media for children and teens

Exploring the Quantitative Research Literature on Children and Media
Students use library databases to find a peer-reviewed journal article on their final paper topic and summarize and analyze a specific work of their own choice.

Thinking Like a Researcher about Digital Nation
Students create a wiki page that explores some of the research questions that arise from the PBS Frontline program, Digital Nation

Producing a Broadcast News Package Responding to "Babes in the Woods"
Students develop short scripts/storyboards for a news story developing one of the key ideas in the article by Caitlin Flanagan on children, teens and Internet predators.