Students develop creative skills by developing a concept for a children's media product and writing a 2-page pitch letter

When it comes to media, everything starts with an idea. Combine what you have learned about the children’s media marketplace and the economics and production processes of children’s media with your own imagination and creativity to develop an idea for a children’s media product. You can develop a concept for any specific niche audience, but for this assignment, stick with an age group under age 15. No spin-offs or derivative works are permitted—you can’t afford the license fees.

You may use one of the following media types: a TV show, a movie, a videogame, or an online website. You may use any genre, including narrative comedy , drama, suspense/mystery, satire, educational, persuasive, reality, news, documentary, experimental or any other genre. Think about the existing landscape of children’s media --- the stuff that’s already popular – and come up with an idea for something new and different.

In developing your idea, try to visualize it in your mind. Producers must be able to describe new ideas in writing in ways that help the reader “see” the concept – try describing the characters, the visual look, or a sample story line to make the concept come alive. Think about what your target audience already likes and consider why they will find this new program concept appealing.

You will need to think about how to get the money to create your program and how it will reach an audience. Depending on your revenue model, you may need to describe a plan to attract a venture capitalist, bank or philanthropy, advertisers, and/or the development of merchandising or tie-ins. Use research to identify a specific individual at a production company, network, charitable foundation or bank to contact who can help you move your project forward. You will address your pitch letter to this individual.

Compose a pitch letter, which is a persuasive document designed to “tease” the interest of the executive producer, funder or other individual you have identified. Using formal business letter format, write a 2-page (single spaced) letter that clearly describes your program concept, demonstrates your understanding of the children’s media industry, and persuades the reader to pick up the phone to invite you in for an interview.

Criteria for Evaluation
1. The program concept appeals directly to a specific target audience and the concept itself is creative, original and plausible.
2. The program concept is described in sufficient detail so that the reader can “see” the program concept in the mind’s eye.
3. The content and structure of the letter demonstrate some knowledge of the individual who will read it and reflects an appreciation of the economics and production processes of contemporary children’s media.
4. The letter is persuasive and professional, containing all the information the reader needs to contact the writer to set up an interview.
5. The spelling, format, grammar and mechanics are perfect.

DUE: February 24