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Is the new Disney web game Club Penguin really Club perp?

Are we opening our front doors to the dirty world of sexual predators?
"Disney"s Club Penguin" is taking the world by storm. It's fun and easy interactive games for kids are much like the virtual world, Second Life.

Club Penguin has been previously awarded for being kid-safe, But is it really safe? Or is it just another online key opening the door for sexual deviants to target our children?

"I was impressed with the safety features on Club Penguin. The first thing I read was about the moderated chat rooms. I felt leery at first, but Jimmy Loves it and I limit online playtime to 30 minutes."

"Club Penguin is one of the most happening events of the second and third grade. It's almost a way of being a 7 or 8-year-old. Though the chat rooms are monitored and deemed kid-safe, it is a social networking site open to dangerous activity."

Even with its strict safety features, it is easy to discover that Club Penguin sends it messages over port 6112 in plain-text with minimal encryption that any pervert sniffing around could understand and decode.

Club Penguin takes some visible safety precautions, though. On August 2nd, 2009 a young girl was banned from Club Penguin for 24 hours. Her mother, Amy Bowman, wrote about it in her blog saying, "Here's what got my baby, banned. She inadvertently typed, 'I'll be back in a sex.'" She was banned for making a mere typo.

What does this mean for you? Any predator in you neighborhood can tap in and listen to port 6112. See who's playing? Is Club Penguin the new Club

It'll never happen to your kids, right? Children all across the country can watch everything going on in Club Penguin and send unfiltered messages to your child.

Here are three things you can do to ensure your child's safety:

- Monitor your child. Talk with him or her openly about their experiences while Club Penguin.
-Stay up-to-date on all safety precautions and features for all online games. Not just Club Penguin.
-Once you are knowledgeable, educate your child by sharing what you have learned. If you are unsure where to get educated, visit

"I am going to pay more attention to what Jimmy does on Club Penguin. It is a fun game, but the safety of our children comes first."
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By Brian Berrodin, Janine Mosley