- multitasking
- media on the go (portable media)
- increasing technology speed
- quick access
- technology replacing print
external image roadrunner.jpg LIVED EXPERIENCE:
"When I was younger I used to play my Barbie Dreammaker CD-ROM and listen to the radio at the same time. I still text while I use the computer." - Andrea
"As a child, once I was exposed to the internet, I hated going through the library and then going through the book to find the information I needed. The internet speeds that whole process up with a quick search." - Craig
1) Does the use of technology/computers increase the ability to learn?
2) How much time is being saved by the fast-paced lifestyle?
3) What are the negative effects of the multi-media/multi-tasking lifestyle?

- Media Multi-tasking
- Simultaneous Usage
- Digital Sensations
- Fast Technology & Children
- Digital Nation
- Child & Media Lifestyle

- Coyle, D. (2009). Kids really are different these days. Phi Delta Kappan, 90(6), 404-407.
The article discusses changes in the social and physical development of children. She illustrates the influence of technology on children, and warns that media multitasking can affect cognitive development.

- McFadden, B, & Pittman, A. (2008). Effect of minimal hearing loss on children's ability to multitask in quiet and in noise. Language, speech, & hearing services in schools, 39(3), 342-351.
This article examines the effects of minimal hearing loss through multitasking. Testing the ability of children to perform a task in both a quiet setting and noisey setting. The results determined that both groups decreased similarly in the multitasking conditions.

Chapman, G. (1998). Digital nation: push to trade class textbooks for laptop pcs is a misuse of technology. Teacher Librarian, 26(1), 64.
Examines the public school's increasing replacement of textbooks with laptop computers and compact disc-ROMs (CD-ROM) and the importance of computers in education.

Survey - by gathering information from a larger number of individuals using a questionnaire.

- Target children ages 10 - 15 (around 5th - 8th grade)
- both rural & urban school students
- Include proposed questions -- use answers to determine the effect of media increasing a faster lifestyle.
1) Do you have a cell phone?
2) Do you have a computer?
3) If so, laptop or desktop?
4) How often do you often use the computer -- the cell phone -- a lot/sometimes/never
5) Do you watch tv while you do homework?
6) Do you listen to music while you do homework?
7) How often do you use the computer to do school-related work?
8) Do you use textbooks or the library? How often?
9) Do you prefer the computer over books? If so, why?
10) How well do you do in school?
11) Do you talk to the phone or text while using your computer?
12) Do you combine the use of 2 or more medias at the same time?
-- cell phone (text or call) | Televsion | Computer websurfing | Music listening (radio or online or ipod or cd/stereo)
13) Do you have an Ipod or any handheld media device?