Criteria for Evaluation
1. The memoir offers strong visual imagery and descriptive details so that the reader can visualize the setting, context and characters.
2. The memoir has a thesis statement that addresses some larger issue about the role of media and technology in relation to child development, family life, etc.
3. The memoir has a attention-getting opening and compelling closing paragraph.
4. There is some use of dialogue.
5. There is a clear sense of the author's voice or personality in the writing.
6. There are no spelling, grammar or usage errors.
7. Use a byline to identify the author and place the phrase "Edited by NAME HERE" at the bottom of the page.
8. If the words or ideas of other authors are presented in the memoir, a works cited list is included using APA format.

PS. You're creating a piece of writing for the web-- so use a format, color, design principles to make it readable online.