kid_on_computer.jpgA memoir is a genre of writing that is based in memory, but the writer uses vivid details and lively description to help the reader visualize a particular, specific lived experience. Learn about the complex challenges and controversies of this genre and why memoir has become "a dirty word" in this audio feature featuring Daniel Mendelsson, from a recent issue of the New Yorker.

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Criteria for Evaluation, Memoir

Brian Berrodin
Andrea Dillard
Craig Doyle
Alex Dutton
Kevin Gold
Victoria Greco
Dan Harmon
Christopher Kology
Jennifer Lacko

Charles Nicolai
Bo Peng
Ryan Pierce
Amy Reed
Steven Schaber
Molly Silverman
Nicole Strano
Kurt Zimmerman
Sarah Wen
Valerie Laranko
Austin Monheit
Janine Mosley