Students develop creative ideas and composed a pitch letter to share their creative concepts. See the assignment specifications here.
When I Grow Up
Great things happen when you learn about careers by using your imagination!
Sports Connect
A home run in every lesson!
Zoe and Zal Zoo Detectives
Twin characters set out on a mission to learn problem solving and have fun!
Super Steve: Adventures of Boy Blunder
Child superhero uses very ordinary skills to solve day to day problems
Music Jungle
Dancing fun with Reggie the Tiger!
Play and Learn with Us
Most fun and educational game ever -- like having a private tutor
Rock Domain
A website for becoming a rockstar
Learning Lane
Bringing fun and education door to door
Roscoe & the Backyard Boys
The Adventures of 4 friends growing up in the city
Imaginative Tutoring
Use your creative side and learn at the same time
Baby Dream Maker
Cultivating special minds to believe their dreams are possible
Chef Karen’s Cooking Time
A cooking show that is designed only for kids
The Badge Diaries
A whodunit for children demonstrates how to solve problems in everyday life
The Magical Adventures of Zoe and Chole
Ghouls and goblins they can handle; middle school is another story
Renaissance Snail
The adventures of a strange little escargot
Earth Elementary
Learning for earthlings!
Band Kids
Cool kids like to rock!

--coming soon! Read student pitches!