myspace.jpgOverview: In this activity, teams of students compose a script/storyboard for a news package that builds upon one of the themes developed in Caitlin Flanagan’s essay in The Atlantic, “”Babes in the Woods.” Each team takes a different angle on the issues raised in the reading. Working under deadline pressure, they first pitch a story idea to the assignment editor. After getting approval, each team develops a well-planned and polished script/storyboard that conveys a particular angle on the key ideas and opinions using the conventions of broadcast news. Learn more about the assignment here.

MySpace Stalker
Interview with Atlantic Magazine author Caitlin Flanagan shows her decision to stalk a teen on My Space (and at her real life graduation)

Facebook Teens
They're clueless in the stuff they share online-- and this gets them in trouble

The Top 8
Teen girls torture each other via MySpace's Top 8-- an ego-bruising experience for girls just in the process of learning how to form meaningful social relationships

Perverted Justice
Since the demise of the NBC show with Chris Hansen, how has their work documenting Internet predators who prey on children and teens affected the criminal justice system and public opinion on the problem of predators?

Club Perp
Most parents think Club Penguin is just harmless fun, but little penguins are in chat rooms with God-knows-who

Victims Become Perps
A man is victim of being stalked by a NY Times reporter, but what the reporter finds out is that she has become the stalked.

Australian Hip Hop
Young Australian Hip Hop artist Camira. Shares his thoughts on father hood and sings about family and everyday life through his music. He removes the stigma that goes along with Hip Hop

Paranoid Parents
Overstressed parents think predators are the problem-- and in doing so, they miss other issues that are important in teens lives online, damaging trust in their relationships with their own children

Double Life
Teens have always been secretive about problematic interactions and sexual encounters. But their online double life is worse today because it is happening so close to home, right underneath the noses of family members

Broadcast Gorilla Review